Handler and Medic Programs


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Programs for Handlers

GEMA bandaging

This curriculum is designed for students with limited pre-existing medical skills and established K9 experience. It develops field care skills from the ground up providing a strong foundation for providing initial medical care in deployment, training and off-duty environments.

It also places a special focus on ongoing observations and assessments, as well as early prevention and performance enhancement topics. Handlers are also taught how to further their handling skills including restraints specific to more advanced procedures provided by medics, such as IVs.




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Programs for Medics

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This curriculum  is generally designed to convert existing human medical skills to K9 patients. It assumes that students are already knowledgeable and proficient with skills such as intubation and IV administration and adds further skills such as IO and surgical airways.

Medics are provided with the opportunity to develop handling skills to enable them to safely and effectively provide care. Topics such as Bloat/GDV which are specific to the K9 species are also covered.






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Can I combine Classes for Handlers and Medics?

Are we willing to teach a combined class?  Yes.  Do we recommend it? No. Over the years, our students have overwhelming expressed their preference for split classes. Handlers often feel overwhelmed and frustrated learning skills that they feel are not relevant to them. Medics have less opportunity to practice more advanced skills and may feel rushed in the handling section. The best case is to have two separate classes for handlers and for medics. Then, if time and budget allow, it is great to bring teams together for a final day of joint team scenario training.