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K9 MEDIC MASTER Slides – Release Notes


2023-01-17 Version 23Q1A

SOP/Medical Changes

– No change

Curriculum Content

– No change

Workbook Notes

– Fixed typos below
– Added Colorado Pain Scale and Modified Glascow Coma Score

Instructor Notes

– No change


– Fixed errors in fluid doses (see blue boxes in slides) all changed to:
○ Bleeding: 10mL/kg, 5mL/lb, 250mL
○ All Else: 20mL/kg, 10mL/lb, 500mL


– No Change


2023-01-16: VERSION v010

(Before changing to Quarterly versioning)


  • No Change


Curriculum Content:

  • Updated: Principles of Medical Handling slides
  • Updated: Fluid Dose slides
  • New:  Blood Donor slides
  • New: Advanced Assessments (tagged as #EMS)
  • New: Chocolate Quiz slides (may need to update M&M amount?)
  • New: Sago palm and updated plants general
  • New: Problem of pain (basic and advanced)
  • Updated: Added famotidine for H1/H2 advantage
  • Updated: Anaphylaxis vs Allergies with Storm photo
  • New: HCP  Intro (Health Care Providers) military (tagged as #HCP)
  • New: Mesenteric torsion (not for most classes keep hidden)
  • Confirmed: Noflap ear wrap is included (but added purchase link for it and PAWZ)
  • Update: increasing font size (incl single slides to more slides)
  • Update: current version of baseline trending card (Ext curv, peak, recov, also panting)



  • All content above
  • Added Sample Patient Cards for practice
  • Fixed Drug sheet error from 25mg to 250mg for TXA
  • Fixed Paw Wrap page size print error


Instructor Notes

  • No change: need to be added/reviewed/fixed



  • Typos/text glitches (inc Jo  add star, add fpp
  • DEHydrated vs Hydrated in Heat section
  • Removed multiple animations (GDV, shock comparisons, etc)
  • Confirmed GDV stomach orientation (print needed updating)
  • Video icons


  • Consolidating slide master templates (more to do)
  • New #EMS #Handler #HCP tags (more to do)







File Type: pptx
Author: K9 MEDIC