Frequently Asked Questions

[toggle title=”Should I Bring My K9?” open=”true or false” ]Generally, Yes…  We can teach you to observe and assess your K9 in a whole new way and your own K9 is the most likely patient you’ll ever need to treat under adverse conditions. So it’s best to learn how to do it right in a safe, controlled environment. We typically welcome handlers to practice skills—including assessments, carries, and sub-Q fluid administration—on their own dogs.

Please bring a muzzle for your dog and let us know before the course if you are planning on bringing your K9. Also, some exercises cannot be done with your K9 and you will need either a way to safely crate or otherwise secure your K9 during these exercises.

Please ensure you can provide a cool or warm environment for your K9 if you are planning on leaving them in your vehicle. Ensuring your K9s safety is K9 Medic’s top priority and situations that endanger them will not be tolerated.

[toggle title=”Is there Dress Code?”  open=”true or false” ]This is a hands-on, physically active, indoor and outdoor professional class.  Please dress accordingly. We encourage you to wear the agency uniform that you wear in the field. No open toe shoes, shorts, tank tops, etc. Students with inappropriate attire will not be admitted.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”What Gear Should I Bring?” open=”true or false” ]K9 MEDIC provides all student practice equipment and supplies. You need only bring classroom supplies such as a pen, a notebook, and enough water for you and your K9 (if applicable). If you like, you are welcome to also bring whatever you already use when your team deploys in the field. We can discuss how to adapt it to the special scenarios and field training exercises. But don’t worry if you don’t have any gear, and don’t go out and buy new gear. Wait until you’ve had a chance to play! By sharing your experiences with other program participants, you’ll learn what gear best suits your particular needs.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”What Gear Should I Leave At Home?” open=”true or false” ]Please leave all weapons at home. If you are a sworn law enforcement officer who is required to carry, please bring a safe place to stow your weapon during any tactical field exercises. Live weapons are not allowed during tactical scenarios. If your team uses airsoft, simunition, or dummy weapons, inquire before the course as to whether you may bring them. Each class may be different.[/toggle]