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K9 Handler + Tactical (2205-IA-CBPD)

Mai 10, 2022 @ 8:00 am - Mai 12, 2022 @ 5:00 pm CDT


1K9 Handlers, Are You…

  • Wanting to provide the best emergency field care for your partner?
  • Concerned that your medical training doesn’t address your real-world realities?
  • Looking for strategies on how to better support your K9’s performance and safety at home and at work?



The program includes handling K9 emergencies in both conventional and tactical environments, so you’ll be prepared to respond wherever and whenever you need to. Topics range from safe K9 handling and comprehensive assessments to treating the most common emergencies such as heat stroke and bloat/GDV, as well as tactical injuries such as gunshot wounds. 

Skill Stations 


Skill stations  focus on a particular field skill and ensure that each student has accurate muscle memory to ensure skillful delivery long after the class is complete. Primary interventions are repeated until students can do them, literally, blindfolded.

Each station is designed to build on existing knowledge and translation of human medical skills to the canine anatomy. Assessment skills are on live dogs and go beyond basic vitals and teach students how to conduct ongoing observations and trending through typical work cycles to identify and prevent injuries and illness early in development. Handling includes basic carries and constraints and can include advanced handling such as harness lifts and extractions.


1Les scénarios en solo et en équipe placent ensuite ces compétences dans l'environnement de terrain probable et demandent à l'étudiant de mettre en place une séquence de traitement complète, en résolvant les problèmes au fur et à mesure. Les scénarios sont basés sur les compétences, l'équipement et le profil de mission de chaque équipe. Par exemple, les blessures par balle, les engins explosifs improvisés ou les blessures par compression d'un bâtiment effondré peuvent être inclus en fonction du profil de la mission.

+ Tactique

1Cette composante supplémentaire du programme d'études reprend les compétences acquises dans les niveaux précédents et les place dans le contexte tactique en suivant les principes du MMMARCHHH. K9 MEDIC® enseigne ce composant K9 TEMS depuis plus de dix ans et se tient au courant des récentes directives K9-TECC, ainsi que des directives Canine-TCCC.


Format du programme High Def / Intensif

1This format of training features the ultra realistic training for maximum learning, outcomes and and confidence including advanced K9 mannikans from TacMed Simulations (K9 Hero and/or K9 Diesel) and environmental simulations.

PDF Flyer

If you would like to download a PDF flyer to print and/or email, you can find a file here:
K9 MEDIC Event Flyer 2205-IA-CBPD 


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Mai 10, 2022 @ 8:00 am CDT
Fin :
Mai 12, 2022 @ 5:00 pm CDT
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Council Bluffs PD
1 Ezra Jackson Way
Council Bluffs, IA 51503
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