Kit Videos Temp


Several of you have requested more information about the kits which we have been prototyping this year.  Since I was home sick last week and not out teaching and meeting with people in the real world, I thought it would be a great opportunity to do some video outreach.

Please excuse the hoarse voice and less than ideal video production.  These are just quick videos which I’m sharing with a small group of people who have expressed interest.

Looking forward to connecting further with you!



1. An overview of our existing K9 MEDIC K9 + Handler First Aid Kit,
which you  can purchase here:
K9 MEDIC First Aid Kits

PS – Here’s a cool online tool to learn how to use the kits in the video above,
And here’s a link to learn more:


2. An Overview of our K9 MEDIC Kit Design Philosophy
and important solution-based strategies

3.  A look inside several of our Task-Based Modules

4. Several alternative Carry Cases that we are evaluating: