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Our Mission

Working K9s perform invaluable and crucial life saving work. They protect us, defend us, and lead the way in times of danger. As our partners, they are always there when we need them, ready to serve with their lives. Like other members of the team, working K9s may become injured or ill in the field and in extreme conditions where veterinary care is unavailable.

K9 MEDIC is devoted to ensuring all K9s have access to leading edge medical care equal to the best human standards available in the field. K9 MEDIC is dedicated to #MakingADifference #ForDogsSake

Multidisciplinary Approach

K9 MEDIC brings together the worlds of special operations tactical medicine, veterinary medicine, extraction techniques, and human emergency medical services. Experts in these areas contribute special knowledge and procedures to provide medical services to K9s injured in the field, often in austere, treacherous, and/or hostile environments.

Real-World Skills

Few of us will deploy to a well-lit classroom or lab. So while our program might start there, that’s just the beginning. K9 MEDIC takes you outside, where you’ll get dirty and work in conditions matching the operations you’re most likely to encounter. No clean BDUs here! We get down in the dirt with you at your specific location with its unique challenges.

Muscle Memory

Good training lives in your muscles—at the ready when you need it most. That’s why we drill each primary skill repetitively. And yes, we do some of it upside down and in the dark. So when the time comes—when one day you find yourself in a serious situation where space is tight and you can’t see or hear what’s going on around you—you’ll thank us. And so will your K9.


Are you ready to put it all together? You will be! K9 MEDIC students must successfully complete a full field training exercise custom-designed to the specific needs of the group and location. This thinking-on-the-fly experience might involve an extraction from a rubble pile, a routine vehicle sweep gone bad, or some other real-world scenario designed to challenge the handler-K9 team.

Continuing Education Credit

 We know you need the paperwork to prove you’ve learned all of these great skills. That’s why we’re working with POST, NREMT, and RACE to provide the accredited CE hours your profession requires.