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Hosting a Class

We Come To You

We understand that sending your entire team across the country usually adds an unwieldy burden of travel costs and scheduling challenges. So, we come to you. We ship the entire program, instructors, station setup, and all student

Customized To Your Exact Needs

All lecture modules, skills stations and scenarios are customized to meet the exact requirements of your team. We develop each program based on the existing skills of your group; the equipment, supplies, and medications that you carry; and the existing medical protocols which you follow. Whether you support SWAT K9s with immediate ER access, military working dogs (MWDs) expecting air evacuation, or USAR dogs with an on-site veterinarian, we customize the program to address specific injury exposures, treatment delays and evacuation protocols.

You Provide

As a host, you are responsible for student registration, collecting fees if required, and providing the teaching facility. Most agencies find a minimum of 12 students to be most cost effective. You must also provide the classroom and training areas required for the specific program you choose and have the ability to receive shipping items approximately 1 week prior to class.

We Provide

Everything else.  From mannikans to practice supplies to workbooks to pens, we provide all other materials, equipment and supplies.  Of course, if you have specific assets that you want us to incorporate into training we are happy to discuss that, but otherwise, you can rest assured that we take care of all the other details.

What’s Next?

Since we have a wide variety of program options designed to meet a wide variety of team and budget requirements, it would be helpful for you to complete the following survey. From there we can send you our Hosting Information Package and highlight the best options for you and yours.