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K9 Handler Application: 2402-FL-SART

Thanks so much for your interest in our upcoming class Feb 9-11, 2024.
We look forward to opening our site for applications soon!

Please check back to apply!
We look forwad to training with you! 🐾

Application Form (2402-FL-SART)

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Informations sur l'agence

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Informations sur les étudiants

I have previously attended the following Florida SART Sponsored K9 MEDIC Classes:
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K9 Info

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If you would like to be considered for providing a Demo Dog, pleae explain what would would make your dog a good candidate.

Also, please list 2 things that the Demo Dog Requirements document said to bring with you to class.

Supervisor's Info

This information is used only to ensure that the K9 Handler above is authorized to attend the training. If the supervisor wishes to attend training, they would need to apply seperately.
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- I will be required to follow any then-current COVID-19 requirements
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