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K-9 Sultan Lays Down Life For Fellow Officer… Run Free Sultan

This morning we grieve the loss of K-9 Sultan, along with his Handler Deputy Mark Wallace, the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department , the Riverside Sheriffs’ Association K-9 Team, and entire K-9 community. K-9 Sultan was shot and killed in the line of duty yesterday. He gave his life to save the lives of his human partners.

In our sadness, we reach for something to do.  We are responders.  It is our job to act, to save lives. And yet, there is nothing more we can do for K-9 Sultan. He has reached his End of Watch. There is little we can do for Handler Wallace or the community, except offer our prayers, our condolences, our support.

And so we search for other ways to serve.  As part of the K9-TECC (K9-Tactical Emergency Casualty Care), we are creating a database of all canine casualties, so that losses such as these will go to serve the lives of other canines. As part of our policy division, we are working to support laws which protect K9s through legislation. And each and every day we wake up and find new and better ways to educate, so that each and every dog that can be saved, will be saved.  There is much to do in our epic vision to change the world for all Working Dogs. Please join us… for Dog’s Sake…. And today…. for Sultan’s Sake.  Run free dear  Sultan.

“An Amazing Officer”: San Jacinto Police K-9 Killed in Line of Duty | NBC Southern California A San Jacinto Police K-9 was shot and killed in the line of duty Wednesday during a search for an armed man, sheriff’s officials said.