Mission Profile


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If you deploy to tactical environments, either domestically or abroad, you know that the rules of good medicine change. Our Tactical program is based on Canine Tactical Combat Casualty Care (C-TCCC) guidelines. Plus it also includes non-tactical training and off-duty emergency situations.

Specialized topics and scenarios include:

  • K9 Down
  • Gunshot wounds
  • IED blasts
  • Vehicle injuries



[tab title=”Wilderness”]


DSC_0098When something goes wrong after you’ve been air inserted with your 48 Hr pack, you need skillsets specialized to a wilderness and remote environment. We make sure you are prepared for the realities of extended care in weather/climate extremes and challenging landscapes.

Specialized topics and scenarios include:

  • Hot and cold weather considerations
  • Heat and cold injuries
  • Snake and insect bites
  • Desert and alpine environments
  • Extended and remote care



[tab title=”Disaster”]


_6151871Disaster situations pose entirely unique challenges. With entire regions in a state of emergency, you and your team are often your only resources in a chaotic and dangerous environment. Extraction and evacuation are crucial and field-based emergency and critical care skills are required.

Specialized topics and scenarios include:

  • Compression injuries and compartment syndrome
  • Confined space extractions
  • Decontamination
  • Field-based emergency and critical veterinary care