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Rescuers carry 220-pound dog out of woods

By hand, by ATV, and by car… today’s Pet-Patients-Transfer kudos go to Gloucester Police and Firefighters who carried Achilles, a 220-pound mastiff suffering from heat injury for half a mile, then handed off for a further ATV evac, and finally transferred one more time so Achilles could riven to a local veterinarian.  …And happily, this heat rescue scenario ended with a good story and a healthy family.

Stay cool out there, and thank a police and firefighter today for all they do…. for You!  and … for Dog’s Sake!

Gloucester Aug 17 220 lb mastiff

 Rescuers carry 220-pound dog out of woods

By Ray Lamont Staff Writer Gloucester Daily Times

It’s not unusual for Gloucester police or city firefighters to have to help or even carry a lost, injured or disoriented hiker out of the woods.

But Achilles isn’t just another hiker; he is a 220-pound mastiff that a crew of five police officers and firefighters carried a half mile to safety… Read more below

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