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Demonstration of the K9 MEDIC®  XXT  External Extraction Technique using the Syndaver Canine simulator mannikan at SOMSA Conference.

Videos of Dr Kristie Williams, West Hills Animal Hospital & Emergency Center.  After bookmarking the K9 MEDIC XXT publication on Veterinary Information Network when it was first published years ago, she had not one, but TWO, different families with dogs arrive to the clinic within 20 minutes of each other.  The first dog had a partial obstruction and you can see that it was dislodged fairly easily.  The second was an unconscious full obstruction and therefore harder to dislodge.  Happily she successfully performed XXT on both dog and they both went home later that night with a full recovery!  Way to go!

Orland PD K9 Team deals with heat injuries with two of their partners.  A great example of the progression of heat injuries.  Happily both dogs do great and return home that evening.  And thanks to our friends at Cover Your K9 for sharing this video with us so many years ago!  🙂

A very informative example of the development of GDV.  Happily this dog also does fine after getting to the hospital for emergency care including surgery.