What is Canine-TCCC?

Canine Tactical Combat Casualty Care

JSOM Canine Tactical Combat Casualty Care

Canine Tactical Combat Casualty Care (C-TCCC) is an integral part of K9 MEDIC programs for law enforcement and military responders who deploy into tactical environments. It is based on the understanding that a tactical environment requires a significantly different mindset, skillset and toolset. We also leverage much of this valuable research and repurpose it for students who deploy in non-tactical extreme remote and/or wilderness environments.

Since 2004, before the release of the official C-TCCC guidelines, K9 MEDIC has been developing and teaching these procedures within the context of the tactical environment.

We believe that it is absolutely critical for students to be infused with this field-relevant training, and that failure to do so is dangerous to both the K9s and their human responders.